On our YouTube Channel, I get personal when I think it helps you.

I’ve shared my personal rental property operations and even age and fitness thoughts over there.

You’ll find this interesting.

In the video below, you see my home.

It reinforces why a primary residence is often a terrible financial investment. What?! In some circles, that’s as controversial as Pelosi in Taiwan.

See how it costs me between $5 and $6 every single hour just to finance and maintain it. This even accrues while I’m sleeping or away on vacation.

The economics of my primary residence demonstrates another benefit of having a mortgage too:

You can add up your costs in the same way, calculating what you pay for your home by the hour.

$5 to $6 an hour to operate my home might mean having to earn ~$9 an hour before taxes.

But because I pay this rate 24/7, during sleep or vacations, it’s akin to having to earn $40 an hour in a regular workweek.

Again, that’s simply the amount needed to meet ongoing expenses of an empty shell of a home.

If you’re in a similar situation, does this make you feel like you can never take a nap again, << Test First Name >>?

It’s a new way to demonstrate that a primary home as a “good financial investment” is a misnomer like Congress’ new “Inflation Reduction Act”.

I did not give you this fresh perspective so that we can build a budget and cut back on costs.


“Don’t live below your means. Grow your means.”


Cutting expenses diminishes your quality of life. You can only cut out so much anyway.

Instead, increasing your residual income improves your standard of living and there’s no ceiling.

That’s what we do here.

Feel free to share this blog post or video with a friend. Many are stunned to see what it truly costs.

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