• Most people understand that when their wages don’t keep up with inflation, they lose prosperity.

    It’s worse.

    Inflation stole your time.

    Conventional personal finance says that you should be able to put in your time, effort, and energy when you’re young.

    When you’re older, you can live a great life knocking back drinks served in coconuts.

    That’s being severely threatened.

    Throughout history, some humans have perpetrated malicious time theft on other humans. Murder and slavery are extreme versions.

    You’re likely the victim of more subtle versions.

    If you’re working at a job, then you’re selling your time, effort, and energy into the marketplace.

    The proxy (currency) that you’re receiving in exchange for the finite resources that you expended tangibly represents what you’ve sacrificed.

    With dollar inflation blatantly debasing your currency from beneath you, your human life capital is being stolen.

    This is immoral.

    In the 1480s, Europeans began landing in west Africa. They discovered that west Africans used beads as money.

    Beads were cheap to produce in Europe. Soon the Europeans brought beads to Africa, buying everything valuable.

    Anyone that kept coveting the beads as money lost their purchasing powerand descended into poverty.

    Hmmm… does that sound like anything happening to your currency in March 2023?

    Today, in order to perpetrate time theft, all your government has to do is push a button and print millions, billions, or trillions more in currency.

    What’s the easiest way to pay for a $1.2 trillion infrastructure program, the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, or sending billions to Ukraine?

    Just print it.

    Well, when that happens, the dollars that you traded your time for just got diluted. It’s all inflationary.

    That’s why if that $20 bill in your wallet stays there overnight tonight, it’ll have a tiny bit less purchasing power tomorrow. That $20 is a proxy for time that you traded away.

    You should be upset, even outraged.

    If you’re complacent, then every single day, pieces of your life, energy, and ambition are being stolen away from you through inflation.

    It’s insidious, persistent, surreptitious, and even severe over time.

    Compared to 100 years ago, just 2% to 3% of the dollar’s value remains today.

    This forces people into being investors. That’s why it’s out of your necessity—not your hobby—that GRE exists.

    What’s the short answer?

    Invest in what’s scarce, not abundant.

    Dollars and stocks are abundant. They can be “printed” endlessly with some keystrokes, diluting what you’re already holding.

    Real estate, gold, and bitcoin are scarce—even finite. It takes real world resources to create all three.

    Gold’s only keeps up with inflation over time. Bitcoin is nascent and replete with volatility and uncertainty.

    Real estate is generationally proven, pays income, and one recent estimate shows that America is now a staggering 6.5 million homes undersupplied.

    That’s scarce.

    This is why income property bought with a mortgage loan does more than just prevent inflation from stealing your time.

    It’s actually accretive to your wealth.

    You already know that winning real estate’s Inflation Triple Crown means that its value tracks inflation, your debt is also debased by inflation, and your cash flow trumps the inflation rate since your monthly mortgage payment stays fixed.

    Now you know that over the long-term, it wins back your time.

    In summary:

    • Monetary inflation steals your time
    • Invest in what’s scarce
    • Income property protects your time and builds wealth



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