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Welcome to your home for wealth-building and the home of the Get Rich Education podcast, with Keith Weinhold. Here you learn how to create financial freedom by providing homes to others.

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GRE helps you achieve financial freedom by providing the monetary education that school never did.
Invest in the most important real estate: the 6 inches between your ears. Learn why wealth is a choice and what to do once you’ve chosen.

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Society needs investors like you to provide food, energy and shelter. GRE supports your abundant aspirations by providing a portal into real estate investor culture.

You absorb an abundance mindset, learn direct investing fundamentals, and stay abreast of the economy and real estate market.

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GRE’s flagship show, hosted by Keith Weinhold, teaches you to expand your means.

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Podcast with Robert Kiyosaki

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GRE’s Role

GRE provides education, inspiration, and actionable content. GRE gives a platform to certain reputable providers to present opportunities which offer exceptional value to participants and may receive referral fees for its part. Alas, there are no guarantees in investing, understand the risk.

But what is the risk of forever standing on the sidelines? Retirement plans used to be called “salary reduction plans”. They didn’t catch on and almost no one signed up to reduce their salary… for some reason…

A 401k is known as a tax-deferral plan, but it is still a salary reduction plan. That means that it’s really just a life-deferral plan.

Real estate has created more million- and billionaires than anything else because it is far-and-away the asset class with the best risk-adjusted return in the world.

Real Estate Pays 5 Ways at the same time, and turnkey rental income property is undoubtably one of the most passive business models there is.

There’s something to be said for living below your means. Budgets and baby steps have their place, but that’s not GRE’s focus. There is only so much you can cut to the downside. Meanwhile, there is no limit to the upside.

My mindset and investing philosophy can be summarized by Robert Kiyosaki’s quote, “Don’t live below your means. Expand your means.”

Don’t Quit Your Daydream™

—Keith Weinhold

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