Real Estate Pays Five Ways

This is the clearest explanation anywhere, teaching how real estate builds legacy wealth.

Each part of this 5-part video explains a different profit center for the real estate investor. You the investor are paid by Appreciation, Cash Flow, ROA (Amortization), Tax Benefits, and Inflation.

Each video calculates the rate of return for one profit center. Your rate of return is tallied up throughout the series, by the end, your total rate of return is revealed.

Spoiler Alert: your rate of return is very high (+40%) despite conservative estimates.

Throughout the series the same $100k rental property is used as an example. If you are thinking bigger, with your eye on a $1M or $10M apartment investment, multiply the numbers by 10 or 100.

Wealthy people’s money either starts out or ends up in real estate and even experienced investors don’t understand that “Real Estate Pays 5 Ways” Now you do!

If you’ve watched the series and thought, “$100k investment property, now where do I get that?” Jump over to

The $100k example still exists in some GRE Turnkey markets – of course not in California or New England, but rather in Cash Flow Country – in the Mid-West and South.

If you want to download the video to save forever and watch online: ClipGrab is a great software for Mac, and VLC Player is very popular for Windows.

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