When the latest inflation number was reported at 8.5% last week, it’s remarkable that it represents a drop in the level of inflation.

If you would have seen that sentence a couple years ago, you’d have trouble believing your eyes.

Many economists expect that high inflation could persist this entire decade.

You’ve seemingly heard of all of inflation’s derivative forms by now—shrinkflation, reflation, skimpflation, disinflation, hyperinflation, stagflation, and even heatflation.

What about “rent-flation“?

Here are some real life rent increases that my property manager just achieved on four of my rental single-family properties:

  • $1,150 → $1,225 (7%)
  • $1,350 → $1,475 (9%)
  • $1,350 → $1,550 (15%)
  • $1,275 → $1,500 (18%)

These increases occurred with tenants that accepted the raise and continue to reside there. Larger rent increases can often be achieved between tenancies.

Inflation is an economic malady to many, including your tenants.

As real estate investors, we know that rent increases are just one of the three ways inflation benefits us simultaneously.

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Inflation… it’s not just a North American thing:

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