Stop looking at property.

In real estate investing, the property is only the fourth most important thing.

People make the mistake of starting out by looking at properties. That’s why you hear bad stories of how they had an awful rental property experience.

If you want to invest in real estate, stop. Pull back.

What do YOU want first? Income? Appreciation? Tax advantages? Lifestyle investing?

YOU are the most important thing in real estate investing.

Second, it’s the market – whether that’s geographic or use type. The best market usually isn’t near where you live.

Third most important is your Property Manager. A bad manager will drive your great property into the ground.

You see, if real estate doesn’t work for you, isn’t in a good market, and doesn’t have a good manager, then the property just doesn’t matter. It will not perform.

Real estate is the greatest wealth creator ever.

But get yourself, your market, and your manager figured out first. Then you can start looking at property.

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