We help you make better financial decisions here. Well, what if you could enrich yourself and leave a rich legacy to others at the same time?

Your real estate, gold, platinum, silver, stock, or bond might increase in value, but not volume.

For example, this past year, your 10-ounce gold bar didn’t grow to 11 ounces. Your duplex didn’t passively grow into a four-plex on its own.

Think about it. Timber is an asset type that often increases in unit value, and also increases in size as it grows.

We’re talking about real estate investing in parcels that grow hardwood timber. The land might appreciate while the timber simultaneously grows for harvest income.

Timber is uncorrelated with major markets. The Dow Jones, S&P 500, and rental home prices go up and down, but the trees don’t know this. They just keep on growing.

Importantly, you need to select a timber type that is expected to have sustainable demand.

Teak hardwood is one such type. Teak has been valued and revered for centuries because its natural oils make it resistant to fire, pests, and the elements. Teak was even used on the deck of The Titanic!

Prestigious university endowment funds including Harvard, Yale, Duke, Emory, and Northwestern know this and invest heavily in timber.

Mega-billionaires Ted Turner and John Malone own substantial timber acreage.

Previously, investments in precious timber like teak were only available to the ultra-wealthy.

On a recent Get Rich Education podcast episode, we discussed how you can own teak hardwood parcels titled to you with a modest investment to both enrich yourself and leave a rich legacy for others.

Though U.S. residential real estate is my favorite, I am also a direct investor in Latin American agriculture. It’s a smart place to be. Why? The world’s population swells while arable land is diminished at the same time.

Investing in hardwood timber is the type of asset that can provide harvest income to you and leave a legacy for your heirs.

This is not what most people invest in. Yes…exactly. Most people are not wealthy and do not leave legacies.

If this sounds interesting, read the free report that the reputable teak hardwood provider has made available for you. This also gives you the option of connecting with the provider.

I just read every word of it for the second time myself. Learn more at: www.GetRichEducation.com/Teak

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