You are probably one of many ambitious people in the world.

Operating a forklift in the warehouse for someone else 40 hours a week to feed your family takes mental and physical endurance.

Churning out overtime hours on a corporate quarterly earnings report on a desktop computer takes fortitude.

Hauling crab pots onto a boat for a captain, in the dark, on choppy seas, with a sore back, takes ambition.

These are the same people that say, “Work Smarter; Not Harder.” But then they don’t follow through and live it.

In life and investing, doing the right thing is more important than doing things right.

In fact, many people are ambitious enough to uproot themselves and move to another part of the country or the world, just to work full-time for an employer that dictates the worker’s schedule.

People are willing to follow the money trail. If you don’t show up to your job, then you don’t get paid.

People joke about spending more time with their co-workers than their own families. Well, that joke never made me laugh.

Time is your most valuable resource. How long are you willing to let someone else dictate and schedule your most valuable resource – your time? Life is made up of chapters of time.

When you’re writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

If your time is so valuable, then why are you trading your time for dollars? You’re selling your time for money. Isn’t your life more important than money?

Rather than following money, with passive real estate investing, you begin to make money follow you. How?

There are many geographic markets in the US Midwest and South such that you can invest in real estate with a freshly rehabbed property that is already tenanted, professionally managed, and cash flowing from Day One.

It’s called “turnkey real estate investing.”

At the end of the month, after your property manager pays all of the properties expenses with the rent income, there is income left over to send to you. That’s your cash flow.

When this happens, you have begun to stop following money. Now, you have made some money follow you!

Instead of leaving your home every day just to follow the money trail, the money trail starts to lead to your home.

That’s right.

That monthly cash flow check from your property manager is sent to you, regardless of where you live. Mailbox money!

You begin getting paid whether you work or not. Once you realize monthly positive cash flow from that property, you begin migrating away from being a slave to money (following it), and have begun becoming the master of money (making money follow you).

Like one of my favorite investing mentors says, “Live where you want to live and invest where the numbers make sense.”

With each cash flowing property that you add, you create another degree of financial freedom.

When writing the story of your life, you will finally be holding the pen.

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