These websites and apps are some of the best resources to help you create time, wealth, and productivity, no matter what you do. Others are helpful for real estate investors like me.

You’ve likely used Google Earth, Zillow, and other common resources. Here are some uncommon, and even secret ways that producers get more things done, and investors snag better deals.

Most or all of these websites have a mobile app. Most are free. Here we go: – Accept real estate payments through credit cards. This is actually quite difficult to do with most cloud-based payment platforms. – Send video e-mails in a slick way. I use this one all the time! It makes a big impression on my recipients. It can be even faster than typing out an e-mail. 14-day free trial. (not .com) – Free property management software. I also know people have had success with a similar platform, I use neither; I use professional management. – Here’s where you can find cash-flowing income property providers in the best metro markets, already renovated, tenanted, and under management. Free. – Keep up with the Rich Dad Advisor for real estate. Here you can subscribe to KenFlix (like I do), where Ken produces high-quality whiteboard instructional videos and more. – User-friendly website builder for real estate investors. – Another user-friendly website builder for real estate investors. – Great for real estate investors, and helping you decide where to live yourself. Distills neighborhood data from parks to amenities to crime to school districts. – National Multifamily Housing Council. Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy uses this site for all matters about apartment communities.

Overcast – A podcast listening app where you can make features customizable. For example, set the skip forward and backward buttons to the number of seconds that you like. Free. – Seth Williams’ website: “Real World Guidance For Part-Time Real Estate Investors”. Seth’s a brilliant blogger on productivity and real estate investing. Free. – Access to legal documents, contracts, real estate agreements. What makes it powerful is the convenient Q & A format helps complete the documents for you. – Productivity app that lets you conveniently insert boilerplate phrases. This way, you don’t need to type the same thing in e-mails over-and-over. – Cloud-based project management. This is what I use personally to communicate with my team. It’s better than juggling countless e-mail strings. Free. – Urban Land Institute. Research macro real estate trends like infrastructure projects, housing shortages, or the economic direction of your metro area of interest. – Great for building a website or other uses. These are free, high-quality, rich images. Royalty-free and legal for your use. – Create shared cloud-based checklists to keep yourself and others on-task.

Seth Williams helped me compile this list.

There’s a further discussion about how you can best use these resources on Episode 132 of the Get Rich Education podcast.

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