Apartment buildings have economies of scale and other advantages over single-family rentals (SFRs). I own both types.

SFRs are my favorite. They might have the best risk-adjusted return anywhere.

Even after 2008’s Great Recession, those that bought for cash flow persevered.

In fact, SFRs have at least 15 distinct advantages over larger apartment buildings, some that you’ve never thought about before.

1. Tenant quality. SFRs attract a better quality of tenant. They take better care of the premises.

2. Neighborhood. Properties tend to be in a better neighborhood.

3. Appreciation. Properties appreciate better over time.

4. School district. They’re more likely to be in a better school district.

5. Retention. Tenants stay longer, creating less vacancy expense. Reasons 2 and 4 above are why they stay.

The next ten advantages are below. Also, I break down all 15 in detail in this video. If you watch on the YouTube app, don’t forget to hit the “Like” button. Watch here or click below:

6. Common areas. SFRs have no common areas to clean and maintain. Apartments have hallways, stairs, laundry rooms, and common outdoor grounds that a custodian must service. This is another overlooked profit drag that apartment investors miss in their P&L. (I missed this expense on my first apartment buy.)

7. Utilities. In SFRs, tenants often pay all utilities and even care for the lawn. The larger the apartment building, the more likely that you’ll be the one paying utility costs.

8. Divisibility. What if you’ve got property that’s underperforming? With 10 SFRs, you can sell the one or two that are not performing. With a 10-unit apartment building, you must either keep or sell all the units. It’s not divisible.

9. Fire & pestilence. Fire and pests are more easily controlled in SFRs. Even if adequately insured, these diffuse conditions often affect multiple units and families.

10. Financing. This is big. Income SFRs have both lower mortgage interest rates and lower down payment requirements than apartments. You can secure 10 SFR loans single, 20 married, at the best rates and terms through Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac with 20% down payments. Apartments rarely, if ever, have 30-year fixed rate terms like SFRs.

11. Vacancy rate. It’s true that if your SFR is vacant, your vacancy rate is 100%. If your four-plex has one vacancy, then your vacancy rate is only 25%; but the same is true if you own four SFRs and one is vacant.

12. Management. If you hire professional management, your manager would likely rather deal with higher quality SFR residents. If you’re self-managing, this is a demographic that you would likely rather handle yourself.

13. Supply and demand. There aren’t enough low-cost SFRs that make the best rentals. Demand vastly exceeds supply. This will continue in both the short and medium-term.

14. Market risk. This is another overlooked criterion. You must keep your properties filled with rent-paying tenants that have jobs. Think you’ll be able to buy ten rental units in the near future? Your 10-unit apartment building will only be in one location, leaving you exposed to just one geography’s economic fortunes. With 10 SFRs, you could have four in Central Florida, three in Dallas, and three in Memphis.

15. Exit strategy. Years down the road when it’s time to sell your income property (hopefully after years of handsome profits!), there’s a greater buyer pool for your SFR than your apartment building. More buyers can afford the lower price. Unlike apartments, you even have access to a pool of buyers that might want to occupy the SFR themselves. It might even be your current tenant that buys it.

Again, I really like apartment buildings too! They could be my second-favorite investment to SFRs.

I am still an active buyer of quality single-family rentals.

If you’ve considered getting started, don’t let this be like two well-meaning friends that repeatedly say to each other: “We should grab lunch soon.”

That’s a non-starter.

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