Rave Reviews

"Listen to Keith. He's a strong, smart, bright young man."

Robert Kiyosaki
Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

"Listen to Get Rich Education and don't quit your daydream."

Ken McElroy
Founder, MC Companies, Rich Dad Real Estate Advisor

“Get Rich Education is good content in a very entertaining and professional package.”


David Campbell
Owner, Hassel-Free Cashflow Investing

"To grow your wealth, listen to the always valuable Get Rich Education.


Garrett Sutton
Founder, Sutton Law Centre
Rich Dad Advisor for Asset Protection

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More Testimonials

You don’t know how smart you are to listen to Get Rich Education and make these ideas YOU.

Tom Hopkins

Author of The Art of Selling, Top Hopkins International

Do the right thing. Then, do things right. Listen to Get Rich Education with Keith Weinhold.

J. Massey

Owner, Cash Flow Diary

Don’t follow money. Make money follow you with Get Rich Education.

John Lee Dumas

Host, Entrepreneurs on Fire

Keith, I applaud what you’re doing and the results are impressive.

Phil Alexander

Senior Portfolio Strategist, Maverick Investor Group

About The Show

Get Rich Education, by Keith Weinhold has created more financial freedom for busy people than nearly any show in the world.

Wealthy people’s money either starts out or ends up in real estate. You need to become an investor, but you can’t lose your time. Without being a landlord or flipper, you learn about strategic passive real estate investing to create generational wealth. 

There’s more…

We told you GRE changes lives!

You are showing everyday people how to have a much better financial life by building financial literacy—your show isn’t just about real estate, it’s about having a wealthy mindset. You make it real and use a lot of great real life examples. You have guests who share real life strategies and tools. Thank you!

Nicole Bryan

Listener, Bowie, MD

I am very impressed with your show! Not only with the quality of production and presentation, but also with the phenomenal content.

Matt Tomlinson

Listener, Frederick, MD

I’m a 26-year-old police officer. First off I want to thank you. You’ve opened my eyes and made me realize that there is more to life than what I first thought possible.

From the initial process of becoming a police officer, the city highly suggests that you get a 401(k) and put money into it every paycheck. I began doing exactly that from the young age of 22. By that time there were already 33 podcasts that you had aired. Over the course of the next few weeks I was hooked and could not stop listening to your words of wisdom.

I immediately stopped contributing to my 401(k) and decided to start focusing on passive income via real estate. This has increased my income, unlike a 401(k) which decreased my income.

Phoenix O'Rourke

Listener, San Mateo, CA

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