357: A New Investor City Is Revealed

A New Investor City Is Revealed

Homes in car-dependent areas have appreciated at 33%; mass transit areas 16% over the last eighteen months. Suburban real estate wins.

Alabama and Tennessee have: net in-migration, low cost of living, high rents with a low purchase price, low property tax, jobs, and housing affordability.

SFRs and duplexes are offered in: ChattanoogaBirmingham, and Huntsville.

In many Alabama markets, low income areas have appreciated more than high income areas.

Chattanooga duplexes: $2,200 rent / $240,000 price. 0.9% RV ratio.

SFRs are 3 bed, 2 bath: $1,300-$1,500 / $160K-$210K price.

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