312: Bubble Danger, Money Is An Abundant Resource, Real Estate Tech with Dr. Michael Ehrlich

Bubble Danger, Money Is An Abundant Resource, Real Estate Tech with Dr. Michael Ehrlich

You can only have one job. But you can own as many rental properties or vending machines as you want.

Trillions flow through the economy. Build a device to divert this flow to you; you’ll see that money is an abundant resource.

Dr. Michael Ehrlich from NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School Of Management joins us to discuss asset bubbles and real estate technology.

We discuss financial bubbles, narrowing credit spreads, debt, overleveraging, NYC overbuilding and financial technology.  

Dr. Ehrlich is a general advocate of borrowing for cash-flowing residential real estate today.

Solutions to avoid bubble damage include: residential real estate, water, agriculture, even connectivity.

I discuss real estate technology: 3-D printed homes, autonomous cars, iBuying, indoor drones, virtual tours & staging, remote online notarizations.

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Resources mentioned: NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School Of Mgmt.: https://management.njit.edu/ | Dr. Michael Ehrlich e-mail: ehrlich@njit.edu | iBuyer: Opendoor.com | Virtual staging: Rooomy.com | Mortgage Loans: RidgeLendingGroup.com | QRPs: text “QRP” in ALL CAPS to 72000 or: eQRP.co | By texting “QRP” to 72000 and opting in, you will receive periodic marketing messages from eQRP Co. Message & data rates may apply. Reply “STOP” to cancel. | New Construction Turnkey Property: NewConstructionTurnkey.com | Best Financial Education: GetRichEducation.com | Top Properties & Providers: GREturnkey.com | Follow us on Instagram: @getricheducation | Keith’s personal Instagram: @keithweinhold

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