212: Savers Are Losers. Debtors Are Winners.

Savers Are Losers. Debtors Are Winners.

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

Really? Yes. I unpackage it all. In fact, these are the words of the Top-Selling Personal Finance Author Of All-Time, Robert Kiyosaki. *[Complete transcript below – you can follow along]* Look, I have no savings account. I own no stocks, bonds, mutual funds, nor ETFs. I have no plans to pay off my home, though I could. Instead, it’s about durable passive cash flow. Either you can be conventional, or you can be wealthy. Pick one. I tell you how savers can be losers and debtors can be winners. Inflation amplifies this notion. Keep a high velocity of money. You wouldn’t tolerate a lazy employee, so why tolerate lazy money? Then I discuss how high real estate prices and higher interest rates will affect you. More Americans believe renting is cheaper than owning their own home. I tell you why your ROTI increases throughout your life.

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03:30 Convention says: “Save money and pay off your house before retirement.”
06:20 I have millions in debt.
08:46 How savers can be losers and debtors can be winners.
10:41 Inflation.
13:10 Debt and equity.
18:04 Mortgage rates should rise 1% in the next year – how this affects you.
23:08 How higher rates affect your tenant.
25:48 Today, more people think it’s wiser to rent than own their own home.
30:31 National homeownership rate.
31:06 Return On Time Invested.

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