170: How To Enrich Yourself And Leave A Rich Legacy with Rachel Jensen

How To Enrich Yourself And Leave A Rich Legacy with Rachel Jensen

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

You can live a rich life and leave a rich legacy at the same time. Guest Rachel Jensen and I discuss how. Timber is a hard asset that physically grows in size, and often grows in value at the same time. Your real estate, gold, or stock share might increase in value – but it doesn’t increase in size at the same time like timber does. Among timber varieties, you’ve probably heard of teak wood but might not know much about it. It has great value due to its durability. Teak’s natural oils make it resistant to fire, pests, and the elements. That’s why teak is so popular for boats, decking, furniture, and more. Teak was even used on The Titanic! The world continues to have more humans and less arable land. Teak products have been used for over 300 years. This makes teak supply vs. demand fundamentals sound for investors. Traditionally, most timber investing was done by ultra-wealthy people, and prestigious Ivy League endowment funds like Harvard and Yale (they both still invest in timber). Today you’ll learn about how everyday investors can invest in teak parcels: Land titled to you that can appreciate in value. Divided 1/4-acre parcels where you get income from the teak harvest. Low cost of entry. Available inventory at this time. Turnkey-managed. Light taxation. Use with cash or IRA funds. Optional qualification for a residency program. Ability to gain both shorter-term income for yourself, and a legacy for others. You’ll learn that our provider offers Get Rich Education followers like you a discount per parcel for a limited time.

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01:51 Timber vs. gold.
03:17 One particular timber type – teak wood – is particularly valuable.
06:42 Teak properties and uses.
10:30 Supply vs. demand for teak.
15:15 Historically, only the wealthy invested directly in timber.
18:47 Surveying small parcels of teak hardwood for “average investors”.
22:17 Teak parcels can be titled to you. You also own the trees on the land.
23:47 Light taxation. Panama stability.
26:47 Parcel size and cost.
27:45 Turnkey management.
30:23 Reforesting your parcel can qualify you for Panama residency (optional).
35:10 Learn more with a special report at GetRichEducation.com/Teak.
37:45 The provider made 4-6 months financing is available for you as a GRE listener.

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