156: Meet Nick Bond: Age 22, College Graduate, Unemployable

Meet Nick Bond: Age 22, College Graduate, Unemployable

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

Unemployable by choice, Nick Bond, age 22, is a recent college graduate that is building his own real estate business rather than getting a job. School grades aren’t any more predictive of success than rolling a pair of dice. I discuss Boston College research that supports this. Valedictorians don’t become billionaires. Millionaires have an average college GPA of 2.9. Is it worth it to go to college? College is more expensive in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. Yet at the same time, the value of a college degree has dropped. Once you got out of school, you found yourself “making things up” as you go. Later, you find out that everybody is “making things up”. Today’s guest, Nick Bond isn’t taking the j-o-b route that his friends are. He was influenced by his parents to be more entrepreneurial. Nick has begun raw land investing / flipping. Get control of both your time and your geography. Live a cloud-based life through Google Drive and Dropbox. Read your monthly real estate property management statements from wherever you choose to live, and enjoy the passive cash flow.

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01:32 Why valedictorians don’t become great financial successes.
02:48 Millionaires, with 2.9 average GPAs, are known for grit.
04:19 Is it worth it to go to college at all?
06:20 Unemployed vs. Unemployable. The difference? Options.
07:06 Nick Bond interview begins.
08:50 Nick’s parents wanted him to go to college more for the experience than the education.
10:43 Does Nick even want a work-a-day job?
11:40 Nick’s Dad told him not to get a real job!
12:42 What are Nick’s friends doing? They’re making $40K – $90K.
14:27 Student loan debt.
15:09 Home ownership.
16:55 What Nick does today: land flipping / investing.
23:00 Investor Summit At Sea.
25:02 Seeking freedom, giving back to community.
26:34 The Land Geek.
28:17 Business systems.
29:38 Qualifying for your home with your transcript and diploma.
31:04 Nick’s website: www.reinvestrategy.com.
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Resources Mentioned: Resources Mentioned: College Costs More In America Than Anywhere Else RidgeLendingGroup.com | NoradaRealEstate.com | GetRichEducation.com | GREturnkey.com

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