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Founder: Keith Weinhold
Hosts The GRE Podcast:

  • 20-Year Property Investor
  • Real Estate Thought Leader
  • Interviews The World’s Brightest Investing Minds

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  • Introducing You To My Own Contacts
  • Perpetually Seeking Opportunities For You

Walks The Walk:

  • Active Out-Of-State Investor
  • Author of The Bestselling Book, “7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential”

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Real Estate is Amazing
Buy-And-Hold Investing

  • Legally Never Pay Tax On Gains
  • Build Generational Wealth
  • Create Passive Income

Real Estate has created more million- and billionaires than anything else. No other investment vehicle or asset class even comes close.

Compound interest is lame; debt free is dumb; financial leverage is what builds real wealth and real estate has the best risk-adjusted return anywhere. Learn all about its benefits here: Why Real Estate?

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