23. John Lee Dumas: Podcasting Behind The Scenes

Released Mar 20, 2015

John Lee Dumas, likely the world’s best-known podcaster, joins us today. John has grown the popular Entrepreneur On Fire podcast to generate several million dollars of revenue every year. Listen to this week’s show and learn: 02:31  Keith is on a mission to turn more “nobodies” into “somebody” than anybody. 04:10  A great tip for those that manage their own investment properties. 05:15  Keith is picky with whom he has on the show, and why he arranges episodes in a certain order to best serve you. 07:09  Why Get Rich Education chooses to release episodes on Fridays. 07:51  The Get Rich Education podcast is a money loser. Keith opens up with how he feels about podcasting. 11:21  The importance of relationships. Attend events in-person. 12:32  John Lee Dumas has pushed the limits of the podcasting frontier and helps others start podcasting with Podcasters Paradise. 15:31  John Lee Dumas makes his debut on Get Rich Education. 18:25  Why John began podcasting and how he does a show 7 days a week! 23:25  When John began, he was an awful podcaster. 26:20  Keith and John discuss the difference between “success” and “significance”.  29:14  John’s favorite internet resource that will help you maximize your “Return On Time Invested”. 32:04  John’s real estate investing experience.   Resources mentioned:  EntrepreneurOnFire.com EOfire.com/income Podcasters Paradise Schedule Once Get a free audiobook & 30-day free trial at AudibleTrial.com/GetRichEducation Join the Facebook Page at Facebook.com/GetRichEducation Now on Twitter! Follow us: @GetRichEd

John Lee Dumas: Podcasting Behind The Scenes

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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