24. J. Massey: How He Amassed Wealth With No Money

Released Mar 27, 2015

On the brink of homelessness, J. Massey pulled himself up. He became a master of raising private capital for deals without using any of his own money – because he didn’t have any. In fact, he’s amassed a fortune and has still never used a bank for a real estate loan. Listen to this week’s show and learn: 00:56  People’s worst financial trade of their life is one that they keep making every week. 06:07  J. and his wife’s touching story and rise from nowhere. They had to sell items on eBay to pay monthly utility bills.   13:04  By the time J. owned 117 houses, how others responded. 14:40  Real estate “wholesaling” is where J. first gained traction. 17:22  Today, “raising private capital” is the skill that J. helps others with to obtain wealth. 23:14  Raising private capital from others. 27:01  How does a beginner start to raise private capital from others? Details at CashFlowDiary.com/MoneyTool 31:20  How much time and what character traits are needed to raise private capital?   Resources mentioned: CashFlowDiary.com/MoneyTool Get a free audiobook & 30-day free trial at AudibleTrial.com/GetRichEducation Join the Facebook Page at Facebook.com/GetRichEducation Now on Twitter! Follow us: @GetRichEd

J. Massey: How He Amassed Wealth With No Money

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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