20. How To Talk Like An Investor – Vocab. Rehab. #2

Released Feb 27, 2015

Vocabulary is integral to advancing your investor life. It attracts the right people so that you can form the right relationships. Learn how these terms are defined in a clear way, used in an example, and how you might use them in a sentence. Listen to this week’s show and learn: 02:28  Keith discusses New York City. 06:55  How you pull yourself up from middle class. 09:28  Being the best version of yourself. Vocabulary Terms: 10:44  Accredited Investor. 13:08  Appraisal. 15:30  Assessment. 16:35  Capex (Capital Expenditure). 17:33  Capital Gain, Capital Gains Tax. 20:08  1031 (Tax-Deferred) Exchange. 23:12  Debt Service. 23:48  Mortgage. 25:06  Rate Hike. 29:12  Rent Control. 30:07  ROTI.   Resources mentioned:  Investopedia.com Investor.gov Janet Yellen MidSouthHomeBuyers.com Rent Control laws by state Get a free audiobook & 30-day free trial at AudibleTrial.com/GetRichEducation Join the Facebook Page at Facebook.com/GetRichEducation Now on Twitter! @GetRichEd

How To Talk Like An Investor - Vocab. Rehab. #2

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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