18. Direct Investing in Oil & Gas Wells with Mike Mauceli

Released Feb 13, 2015

Cash flowing real estate is not confined to residential, commercial, industrial, office, agricultural, retail, and storage. Consider oil & gas wells. Mike Mauceli, CEO of Reef Oil & Gas Companies in Richardson, Texas, explains this direct investment opportunity in producing oil & gas wells. Monthly cash flows and terrific tax benefits are typically provided to investors. Listen to this week’s show and learn: 02:03  What is a real estate “syndicator”? 09:08  The minimum amount one needs to invest with Reef. An investor does not need a certain credit score, liquid reserves, debt-to-income ratio, nor accredited investor status.  11:00  The difference between investing directly in Reef Oil & Gas Companies vs. oil & gas stock. 13:35  Today’s drilling techniques may reduce the risk of “hitting dry holes”. 22:03  Interests in reducing environmental impacts of oil & gas extraction. 25:44  Does Reef have “skin in the game”, investing alongside the individual investor like you? 28:14  How Reef’s teaming with a large investment company helps them acquire larger projects. 31:45  How the recent drop in oil prices affects investors. 35:35  World geopolitics and the price of a barrel of oil. 39:43  Why you are an oil & gas investor already. 40:25  How Reef is paid and how you are paid, and your potential tax benefits. 44:52  Minimum investment amount, rate of return range of past funds, liquidity, tax advantages, and possible multiple returned to you on your initial investment amount. Please listen to the disclaimer at the end of the show. Investing involves risk and you can lose money.   Resources mentioned: www.Reefogc.com www.Reefogc.com/drillingandincomefund/ Reef Oil & Gas Co. phone number 1-877-915-7333 www.TomWheelwright.com

Direct Investing in Oil & Gas Wells with Mike Mauceli

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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