21. About Me and Anchorage, Alaska’s Real Estate Market

Released Mar 06, 2015

Get Rich Education is about you. In a personal episode, this turns around and you learn more about your host, Keith Weinhold. You also discover Anchorage, Alaska’s real estate market, economy, and great quality of life. Listen to this week’s show and learn: 02:06  The parenting influence that Keith grew up in helped foster an abundance mentality. It wasn’t wealth. 04:58  Keith spent a year living in a swimming pool maintenance hut. 08:00  Moving from Pennsylvania to Anchorage, Alaska. 09:10  The time and money lies people tell themselves. 11:53  You cannot buy happiness. You live happiness. 14:10  The first property Keith ever bought was an Anchorage four-plex building. 18:10  The secret is this: “There is no secret.” 22:12  You can be a fountain or be a drain. 23:23  Anchorage, Alaska and its real estate market. 26:15  Alaska’s #1 economic driver is oil, making it one of the wealthiest US states. North America’s largest oil field is in Alaska. 27:50  Anchorage has the 2nd-busiest cargo airport in the United States. 28:45  Demographic factors influencing Anchorage’s rental market. 31:20  Rental property character in Anchorage. 32:41  The great lifestyle Anchorage offers that few know about.   Resources mentioned: Anchorage Wikipedia Page Housing near-gridlock in Anchorage Oil in Alaska Roy Briley Property Managers Get a free audiobook & 30-day free trial at AudibleTrial.com/GetRichEducation Join the Facebook Page at Facebook.com/GetRichEducation Now on Twitter! Follow us: @GetRichEd

About Me and Anchorage, Alaska's Real Estate Market

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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