51: Hassle-Free Mortgage Note Investing with David Campbell

Released Oct 02, 2015

What if the real estate market crashes? Our guest, Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing’s David Campbell, tells us how to hedge yourself against this with Mortgage Note Investing.

Learn why this could be the ideal time in the real estate market cycle for Mortgage Note Investing. This can provide stable returns to you, yet more liquidity than owning real estate. Want more wealth? Visit GetRichEducation.com and 1) Subscribe to our free newsletter, and 2) Maverick turnkey RE webinar opportunities.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:36  You can be the bank. Rather than be the real estate investor, you can be the real estate lender.
5:08  Our guest, HassleFreeCashflowInvesting.com‘s David Campbell invests based on the real estate market cycle.   08:58  Terms similar to Mortgage Note Investing are: Hard Money Lending, Private Lending, Deed Of Trust Investing, Seller Financing.
12:36  What’s the minimum amount of money you need for Mortgage Note Investing?
13:20  How you get money for this investment. Arbitrage.
17:10  How Mortgage Note Investing’s advantage over Peer-To-Peer Lending instruments like Lending Tree and Prosper. In a word, the answer is “collateral.”
19:25  Why this is a good time in the market cycle to be a Mortgage Note Investor.
24:35  Many people are equity rich and cash poor.
27:48  Mortgage Note Investing with IRA funds and how this is tax-savvy.
30:00  How to buy a good Mortgage Note and what to avoid.
31:26  How David’s company, Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing, makes Note investing easy for you.
32:30  Mortgage Notes are more liquid than real estate.
36:05  When David began investing, it included tons of hassle. He changed course.

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Resources: Visit HassleFreeCashflowInvesting.com for a free report and videos on Mortgage Note Investing and more.   MidSouthHomeBuyers.com or call (901) 217-4663 for top-notch turnkey rental properties.   Visit GetRichEducation.com to subscribe to our free newsletter, receive turnkey real estate webinar opportunities, and see all Events.   Download the GRE Android App at Google Play to keep the GRE icon right on your phone’s home screen!   We would be so grateful if you wrote a review! Here’s how to write one at: iTunes, Stitcher, and Android.   To get a free GRE logo decal for your review, send: 1) A screenshot of your review. 2) Your mailing address to: Info@GetRichEducation.com

Hassle-Free Mortgage Note Investing with David Campbell

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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