46: The Money That You Didn’t Know You Had (Archives)

Released Aug 28, 2015

You’re likely putting a lot of your money at risk right now, and that same money is achieving zero rate of return.   Subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode. Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:01  How Keith got the financial ability to get into so many investments at a young age.
03:07  Risk-free return vs. return-free risk.
05:41  Today, what you thought was “right-side up” in the world, could turn “upside-down.”
08:08  Why are you investing in a vehicle that could never go up in value, but could only go down?
09:45  Would you rather be debt-free or financially free?
12:48  Home equity is: 1) Unsafe, 2) Illiquid, and 3) has zero rate of return. Home equity is one of the worst “investments” you can make.
17:01  “Equity transfers” can enhance your rate of return.
21:14  It’s sad that some borrowers make extra mortgage principal payments without understanding what they’re doing.
23:38  30-year vs. 15-year mortgage loans. Keith tells you which one he likes more – by far.
25:28  Banks are more likely to foreclose on your property if you’re financially uneducated.
27:32  A catastrophic loss is another reason that home equity is an awful investment.
31:01  Your equity position does not change your control of your property.
32:32  Homes are meant to house people, not store cash.
35:12  How “paying off” Keith’s home would be a reckless decision.
36:11  When you pay off your home, you just sent your money away to “retire.” That’s the reason that you cannot retire.

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The Money That You Didn’t Know You Had (Archives)

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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