44: How A Four-Plex Building Can Be Your Massive Wealth Generator (1 of 2)

Released Aug 14, 2015

A four-plex apartment building can be your major wealth catalyst with an FHA loan and your small 3.5% down payment.   Live in one of the four units and rent out the other three. It’s exactly how Keith began investing in real estate.

03:05  Why a four-plex rather than another property type?
04:35  How to put as little as a 3.5% down payment on a four-plex apartment building with an FHA loan.
06:19  Common objections to owning a four-plex this way.
09:28  Different four-plex layouts – townhouse style vs. apartment style.
12:32  Do you live in a geographic market favorable to “owner-occupying” a four-plex? Here are some indicators.   14:30  Running the numbers.
16:09  Leverage creates wealth for you in an appreciating environment. But if the market loses value, leverage can become difficult for you.
20:48  Preparation: how to position your affairs to buy a four-plex.
23:35  Property selection considerations.
26:46  How to structure your purchase offer with the seller to your advantage.
30:25  By buying a four-plex, you’re starting off bigger than most well-known real estate investors have. Most people simply don’t consider buying four-plexes with FHA loans.


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How A Four-Plex Building Can Be Your Massive Wealth Generator (1 of 2)

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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