43: Your Real Estate Investing Strategy

Released Aug 07, 2015

Turnkey real estate investing in 3-4 geographic markets can be a smart formula for potentially high rates of return and low volatility.

01:35  The U.S. stock market has not had a correction for four years. The S&P 500 Index is near an all-time high.
04:03  Nationally, real estate values are still not as high as their 2006 peak.
07:24  Why markets are more volatile with a 0% Federal Funds Rate.
10:32  Be invested in 3-4 geographic markets.
14:50  Typically, an income property’s cash flow rises faster than inflation.
24:16  The importance of giving.
28:20  Investments you can make with little of your own money, Panama coffee farm tour dates announced.
32:30  Announcement of a turnkey investment property network of seven investor-advantaged metro submarkets that you can participate in.

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Your Real Estate Investing Strategy

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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