31: What Drives Real Estate Values and Rents

Released May 15, 2015

Mortgage interest rates are just one of many influences on real estate values and rent income. Listen to this week’s show and learn:


01:28 Get Rich Education vs. College Education.

03:58 The rate of home ownership has declined over the last decade. This is good for income property investors.

06:03 The irony that the greatest investment asset – real estate – is ubiquitous. 08:55 Other people’s money.

11:30 How are 25% to 30%+ annual rates of return with investment real estate considered common?

16:28 Some U.S. real estate advantages compared with Canada.

18:42 What will higher mortgage rates do to housing prices?

21:24 Housing price-to-income ratios in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia.

23:11 What makes renters keep renting rather than be homeowners.

29:43 Why it’s better to invest in residential – rather than retail, office, industrial, and other types of real estate.


Resources mentioned: Mortgage News Daily – Keith’s favorite mortgage resource Numbeo.com – A great housing price indicator resource International Coffee Farms website For a generous discount on this investment, E-mail your contact info. to Coffee@GetRichEducation.com GRE has a new Android App! Download it at Google Play. You can keep the GRE icon right on your phone’s home screen!

What Drives Real Estate Values and Rents

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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