29: What’s Your “One Thing?” with Don Hobbs

Released May 01, 2015

Don Hobbs of “The One Thing” speaking tour tells us how to create more time and happiness in our lives. Listen to this week’s show and learn: 02:33 Listener feedback. They’re acting toward changing their lives. 06:06 Turnkey real estate investing. 11:03 Don Hobbs interview begins. 13:03 What is “The One Thing” that you do that will make everything else in your life easier? 16:05 Aspire to your best-and-highest use. 17:12 “The Domino Principle” optimizes your efficiency. 20:20 Multi-Tasking is a waste! 21:44 Time Blocking. Resources mentioned: The One Thing live training webinars The One Thing – book International Coffee Farms – cash-flowing coffee farms where you own the land Jim Rohn Kassandra Taggart Boltman’s book Mid South Home Buyers – Memphis turnkey property Join the GRE Facebook Page at Facebook.com/GetRichEducation Just launched – the GRE podcast Android App!

What’s Your “One Thing?” with Don Hobbs

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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