28: Sustainable Agriculture Investing with David Sewell

Released Apr 24, 2015

How to invest in cash-flowing, turnkey agricultural real estate with Keith’s trusted provider. You own the land. Listen to this week’s show and learn: 02:33  Agriculture is one of the earliest human uses of real estate. 03:52  Coffee has sustainable world demand. Specialty coffee has short supply and high demand. 04:30  Some of the world’s most savvy economists are now investing in agriculture. 09:21  David Sewell, Founder of International Coffee Farms (ICFC), compares Panama’s infrastructure and business climate to other world nations. 13:56  David has a history of success by providing cash flow to investors with Colombian coffee farms. Today, he does this for you in Panama. 15:51  The difference between specialty coffee and commercial coffee. 18:41  The points grading system for coffee quality. 20:00  The strength of ICFC’s management team and harvest methods optimize investor cash flow. 25:15  Social sustainability – investors help farm hands. 27:41  Your investor rates of return.  31:51  The timing of your projected cash flow payouts. 34:10  The coffee farm parcels that Keith owns is the only real estate in his portfolio that he will never sell. 34:30  Farm tours are open to both investors and those just potentially interested. 38:55  David Sewell reveals the very generous offer that he makes just for Get Rich Education listeners by sending your name & contact info. to Coffee@GetRichEducation.com   Resources mentioned: International Coffee Farms website E-mail Coffee@GetRichEducation.com and provide your contact info. for a generous discount on this investment, only for Get Rich Education listeners. Specialty Coffee Association Of America – coffee points grading system AudibleTrial.com/GetRichEducation – Get your free audiobook & 30-day free trial Join the GRE Facebook Page New! GRE is now on SoundCloud

Sustainable Agriculture Investing with David Sewell

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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