27: Making Raw Land Cash Flow with Mark Podolsky

Released Apr 17, 2015

Mark Podolsky tells Get Rich Education how he produces cash flow from raw land. Listen to this week’s show and learn: 02:05  Residential property management, fees, and an operations example at Keith’s 11-plex apartment building. 06:51  The classic professional management vs. self-management debate. 07:47  Mark Podolsky’s model eliminates the need for any property management at all. 09:57  Mark Podolsky interview begins and he explains his business model. 15:10  How to find out when & where land auctions are. 16:28  An example of how to structure a cash flowing raw land deal. 18:06  Why you can buy others’ raw land for pennies on the dollar. 19:29  How to identify the best land parcels. 25:45  How to start with essentially zero money. 28:11  What one needs to know before starting. 30:02  Mark’s big mistake.   Resources mentioned: www.TheLandGeek.com The Best Passive Income Model podcast www.Naco.org www.WeGoLook.com New: You can now hear GRE on SoundCloud


Making Raw Land Cash Flow with Mark Podolsky

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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