244: Housing Trends For The Next Decade with Logan Mohtashami

Housing Trends For The Next Decade with Logan Mohtashami

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

You’ve never thought about this “new way” to beat inflation.

Three ways to beat inflation:

1) Tie long-term fixed interest rate debt to a cash flowing property.

2) Own gold.

3) Spend your money.

Yes, I advocate spending your money. Die with memories, not dreams.

Housing Data Analyst Logan Mohtashami joins us.

Logan provides mortgage interest rate predictions to BankRate.com. National Mortgage News calls him a “social media star.” He’s published in Business Insider, Bloomberg Financial.

He believes:

  • Interest rates will stay low
  • There’s no housing collapse imminent
  • Housing price growth will slowly continue
  • Rent demand will stay strong
  • Homeownership rate up to 66% in a decade
  • Inventory will stay low because people live in their homes longer
  • Birth rates will rise
  • Our high national debt doesn’t matter

Logan is known as “The Chart Guy”. Learn more about him at LoganMohtashami.com.


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