215: A Recession Is Coming

A Recession Is Coming

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

The economic recession is inevitable. How are you positioned for it? Recessions are awful. Jobs are lost, careers are thrown off-track, families are disrupted, homes are lost. The U.S. is now in its second-longest expansion since 1857 (not a typo). It will end. I define a “recession”, WHEN the next one is expected, and what actually happens inside one. Next, I run the numbers and tell you about a recession’s destruction. 5-6 economic signals foretell the next recession’s timing. I discuss these signs. Learn how a recession could actually be good for you. Something is more important to you than the economy’s condition. I discuss. Learn actionable strategies to insulate yourself against recession.

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02:25 Recession defined.
04:47 Timing of next recession.
07:35 Running the numbers on how a recession hurts you.
11:49 Five or six signals of a recession.
21:50 Actionable layer of insulation against recession: medical districts.
27:28 Perspective: other world problems.
29:18 Fears.
30:00 What YOU DO matters more than the economy’s condition.

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