177: A Dave Ramsey Disciple Transformed Into An Income-Centric Wealth Coach featuring Jerry Fetta

A Dave Ramsey Disciple Transformed Into An Income-Centric Wealth Coach featuring Jerry Fetta

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

Are you serving the 40-year-to-life sentence? Today’s guest, Jerry Fetta, is a former Dave Ramsey-endorsed local provider. Jerry learned a better way and changed his life and the lives of others. There’s a more abundant way. You just can’t afford to forgo the benefits of leverage and arbitrage. Jerry is an expert at uncovering how the mutual fund industry manipulates reporting the ROI to their advantage and your detriment. Questions that put your financial advisor on the hot seat are revealed today. We discuss why “tax deferral” is a scam. I simply don’t have time to do 1-on-1 coaching. Jerry is a good friend, lives in my hometown, and he’s offering GRE listeners a free consultation. See if you’re a good fit: GetRichEducation.com/Coaching.

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00:41 Mortgage interest rates are rising. Take action.
04:10 I used to be a debt-free, save-in-a-401(k), 15-year mortgage guy myself.
06:45 Jerry Fetta interview begins.
08:42 Jerry is a former Dave Ramsey-endorsed local provider.
11:14 Some things aren’t worth owning.
13:49 Affirmation vs. Information.
15:43 Jerry’s turning point: scarcity to abundance.
19:30 Stocks don’t produce wealth, but few make that correlation.
21:55 How mutual fund rates of return are reported: CAGR vs. AAR.
26:35 Questions to ask your financial advisor.
30:07 Tax deferral is a scam.
34:15 Case study: How Jerry helps a typical client.
39:03 The “passive income epiphany”.
43:24 Maybe someday? Come on. Integrity.
47:08 Engage with Jerry for 1-on-1 coaching free at GetRichEducation.com/Coaching.

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