273: Real Estate vs. Stocks with Brent Sutherland

Real Estate vs. Stocks with Brent Sutherland

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

Financial advisors don’t talk about real estate for three reasons:

  • They’d receive no compensation.
  • Lack of education.
  • Regulatory oversight.

Among educated investors:

  • Real estate has higher returns. 
  • There are more hidden fees with stocks than real estate.

I discuss dividend-paying stocks. 

Ntellivest’s Brent Sutherland tells us why stocks won’t make you wealthy.

This CFP-turned-real estate investor is a financial coach.

Most financial clients ask all the wrong questions. That’s why they get all the wrong answers. 

Few realize that you can increase your income now.  

Brent walks the talk. He owns 9 income properties, averaging $250 cash flow each and more.

We discuss common REI mistakes: financial protection, estate planning and LLCs.

Resources Mentioned >

Resources Mentioned: Brent Sutherland: Ntellivest.com | Visual Capitalist: Composition Of Wealth | Mortgage Loans: RidgeLendingGroup.com | Turnkey Real Estate: NoradaRealEstate.com | eQRP: Text “QRP” to 72000 or: TotalControlFinancial.com | JWB New Construction Turnkey: NewConstructionTurnkey.com | Best Financial Education: GetRichEducation.com | Find Properties: GREturnkey.com

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