33: Why You DON’T Want To Be A Millionaire

Released May 29, 2015

Long-term inflation erodes the significance of being a U.S. dollar “millionaire.” Millionaires are no longer wealthy. In the end, you ultimately don’t seek financial wealth anyway. Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:31 GRE is perhaps the only show that regularly delivers all three: education, actionable content, and motivation. 02:35 Listeners are taking action toward a GRE mantra of “Don’t follow money. Make money follow you.”
04:38 If you aspire to be a millionaire, you’re losing.
08:24 Inflation debases a dollar’s value and the worth of a millionaire.
09:54 Why America continues to have an inflationary mandate.
11:58 Wealthy people buy time. Middle class and poor people sell time.
14:44 Living well and giving well trumps the financial wealth created through real estate investing. Most forget this.
16:58 How wealthy people buy fun toys that enhance their lifestyle.
18:40 Keith’s “hero”.
20:22 At the end of your life, how will your autobiography or obituary read if it tells the truth?
23:12 Mark Podolsky, aka “The Land Geek”, has a compelling, profitable business model that you can learn.
25:01 How to contact Keith if you would like him as a live speaker at your event.

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Why You DON’T Want To Be A Millionaire

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education


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